About Us and Our Affiliated Companies


Revere Title Agency, Inc. was established and opened for business in January of 2003.  Thomas Vacca and his wife, Judy, decided to open their own title agency after a combined 40 years in the title industry with one of Ohio’s leading Title Insurance Companies.  They, along with 16 other experienced and dedicated Title Insurance and Escrow professionals, formed the company with a commitment to providing exceptional service to their clientele.

Revere Title primarily services Northeast Ohio but is able to provide real estate title and closing services in all of Ohio’s 88 counties.  As an authorized agent for First American Title Insurance Company, Old Republic National Title, and Stewart Title, we are able to offer closing services to customers on residential and commercial transactions on a national basis as well.  This is accomplished through the national service networks created by its Underwriters, wherein local branch or agency offices are contacted to help coordinate and expedite the real estate transfer process and closing requirements.

In addition to its two offices in Independence and Chardon, Ohio, Revere Title has created four affiliated Title ventures, namely, Signature Title Agency of Northern Ohio LP, Founders Title Agency LP, Legends Title Agency LP, and Sterling Ohio Title Agency, LLC.

A HOME is the single largest investment many of us will ever make.  Protecting that investment is what we do, and while that protection is important to you, it’s important to us too!  We value that role and take that responsibility seriously.  Our experienced title and closing professionals want you to rely on us to bring your transaction to a smooth and successful close.

Our Affiliated Business Arrangements

In response to the requests of many of our valued Realtor customers, Revere Title Agency, Inc. has created four affiliated business arrangement Limited Partnerships;  Signature Title Agency of Northern Ohio, L.P.; Founders Title Agency, L.P.; Legends Title Agency, L.P.; and Sterling Ohio Title Agency, LLC.  Strictly following Federal guidelines and Ohio Department of Insurance regulations and is responsible for the day to day management and administration.

These companies may involve qualifying Realtors, Lenders or Attorneys who will have a minority ownership.  All of our affiliated companies are issuing agents for both Old Republic National Title and First American Title Insurance Corp.

Signature Title Agency of Northern Ohio, L.P.,
Signature Title was the first of our affiliated business arrangements, and was established in May, 2003.  Signature Title offers complete title and escrow services handling both residential and commercial properties.

Phone: 216-525-5555
Fax: 216-525-5557

Founders Title Agency, L.P.
Founders Title was our second affiliated business arrangement established in May, 2004.  Founders Title operates as a “Title only” agency, providing only the title and service department aspects of the process, including title searches, issuing title commitments and policies for both residential and commercial properties.  If escrow/settlement services are requested, Founders Title will refer those services to the escrow staff at Revere Title Agency, Inc.

Phone: 216-525-5546
Fax: 216-525-5543

Legends Title Agency, L.P.
Legends Title is the latest of our affiliated business arrangements established in June, 2007.  Legends Title operates as a “Title only” agency for both residential and commercial properties.  If escrow/settlement services are requested, Legends Title will refer those services to the escrow staff at Revere Title Agency, Inc.

Phone: 216-525-5540
Fax: 216-525-5542

Wire fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are on the rise! If you have an escrow or closing transaction with us and you receive an email containing Wire Transfer Instructions, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL! Instead, call your escrow officer/closer immediately, using previously known contact information and NOT information provided in the email to verify the information prior to sending funds.
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