The most accurate description  of “Title” is a bundle of rights in real property.  A title search is the process of determining from a search of the public records just what those rights are and who owns or has the legal right to use them.  A title search is a means of verifying that a person who is selling the property, legally has the right to sell it and that the buyers are getting all the rights or “Title” to the property that they are paying for.  In real estate transactions where Title Insurance is involved, the title agency selected must do their due diligence in providing marketable title to their insureds.  In most real estate transactions today, a Title Insurance Policy is issued to assure the buyers they have purchased a valid title to the subject property.  This is accomplished by the issuance of an Owners’ Policy, subject to the policy provisions, which include the covered risks, exclusions from coverage, and the conditions and exceptions as stated within the policy.  When you purchase a new home, involving  a mortgage, you may be required by your lender to purchase a Loan Policy of Title Insurance.  This policy insures the lender against covered title defects and lasts for the life of the loan.  Upon issuance of the Policies, the Title Insurance Company will, at its own expense, defend the title and pay losses, if they occur, within the coverage of the policy, helping you protect your most important asset.