Thomas Vacca, 216-525-5505

Christine Ieraci, 216-525-5507
Administrative Assistant

Margaret Manzo, 216-525-5518

Commercial/Homebuilder Department:

Roger Frisman, 216-346-4646
Senior Vice President

Business Development Executives:

Gayle Schwarz, 216-315-1186

Grace Vacca, 440-476-0571

Helen Nowak, 216-525-5528

Jennifer Rebelo, 216-212-9738

Judy Vacca, 440-821-3837

Title Officers:

Mark Vacca, 216-525-5523
Revere Title Agency, Inc.

Martin Caja, 216-525-5558
Signature Title Agency of Northern Ohio, L.P.

Mark Vacca, 216-525-5523
Founders Title Agency, L.P.

Dyan Slavin, 216-525-5504
Legends Title Agency, L.P.

Escrow Department:

Ann Howard, Escrow Processor 216-525-5532

Cari Sell, Escrow Officer 216-525-5514

Elaine Hanna, Escrow Processor 216-525-5503

Patty Oxendine, Escrow Officer 216-525-5512

Robin Karr, Escrow Processor 216-525-5502

Sierra MacPherson, Escrow Processor 216-525-5516

Tebra Detwiler, Escrow Officer 216-525-5513

Terry Fowler, Escrow Officer 440-226-3535

Tonya Loga, Escrow Officer 216-525-5537

Property Information/Receptionist:

Winnie Mack, 216-447-4070

Service Department:

Michelle Gorman, 216-525-5521

Nicky Greenwalt, 440-226-3535

Title Examining & Recording Service

Al Mix, 216-687-0317

Calvin Freeman, 216-525-5544

Tammy Czechanski, 216-870-1259

Steven Sell 216-447-4070

We are located at

6480 Rockside Woods South, Suite #280
Independence, Ohio 44131

(216) 447-4070

Chardon, Ohio Branch

214 East Park Street
Chardon, Ohio 44024

(440) 226-3535

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Wire fraud and email hacking/phishing attacks are on the rise! If you have an escrow or closing transaction with us and you receive an email containing Wire Transfer Instructions, DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL! Instead, call your escrow officer/closer immediately, using previously known contact information and NOT information provided in the email to verify the information prior to sending funds.
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